Healthy Snacking Items For A Healthier Kid!

Snacks for Toddlers
Keep snacking healthy for your little ones
Growing kids can be so active the whole day. The whole day play that they do may get them hungry more than they can be. This means double to kids who go to school already. Aside from the play after and before classes, they get even hungrier during the class. As their teachers explain to them what they need to do for a particular exercise or module, their minds work harder. Working minds generate more stamina and burns more energy than when kids are playing.

When kids get hungry, they would ask for a snack, to cover up the sugar and energy they lost during the whole day exercises. Most of mothers would say no to their children, thinking that when they give snacks in between meals, kids will lose appetite in eating the proper meal. This belief is actually just a belief. It doesn’t have any basis at all. Research would even say that kids will really need snacks to be energized the whole day. Another benefit of giving your kids snacks are actually, replenishing the nutrients that were lost during the physical and mental activity of the kids.

Giving out snacks for kids are actually not prohibited. They are a must. Parents, especially mothers who are in charge of their kids’ growth should know the healthy snacking items that kids should eat. The right amount of snacks should be considered as well. And of course, snacks should be given at the right time. That is what you call “smart snacking”.

Snacks for Toddlers

Healthy snacks for toddlers
Healthy snacks for toddlers
Toddlers can’t just eat what they need in one sitting. Thus, they might be hungry most of the times. They may need to eat 5 times a day, which include 3 proper meals, and 2 snacks. Another truth about giving healthy foods for kids is the “reward” thing. When your toddler did something brilliant, you don’t need to give them sweets or candies because it may make them think that sweets are good to them. This practice will lead them into asking sweets every time they’re hungry. Below are the list of healthy snacking items for toddlers:

  • Low sugar, whole grain cereals for breakfast
  • Fruits that are soft to be cut in small pieces, to avoid toddlers for choking
  • The famous graham crackers
  • Cheese (cut into fun shapes)
  • Applesauce and yogurt

Snacks for Pre-schoolers

During this age, kids already have the ”control” issue. Even if they’re not hungry, they would just say,”I’m hungry” because they know they will get a snack when they’re saying that. Again, avoid giving them sweets; it’s not a good habit. Here are the proper snacking items for pre-schoolers:

  • Fruits sliced in small pieces or applesauce
  • Yogurt
  • Chopped or sliced veggies
  • Crackers (whole grain) topped with cheese

Delicious healthy snacks
Delicious healthy snacks
These snacking items will help replenish the energy lost during the child’s exercises the whole day. Parents should remember that these snacks should be given at the proper time, and with the right amount. Sweets can be very rewarding for kids but don’t make it a habit giving them that. That would be a bad habit, and it would be hard to break!

Why Go For Systematic Investment Plans?

Sign up for a systematic investment plan.
Sign up for a systematic investment plan.
Mutual funds provide an effective way to enter invest into equity markets for the retail customers. For average people on the street they may not be able to understand equities but would still want to benefit from them. A great way for small investors to benefit from equity mutual funds is to invest by signing up for a systematic investment plan.

A systematic investment plan is generally linked to your saving account wherein a predefined amount is deducted on a monthly basis and invested into equity mutual funds. You can decide upon the amount of money deducted every month. You can also decide on which equity fund you wish to invest into and also the tenure of the plan. It could be for 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 3 years or even 5 years. There are many advantages for going for Systematic Investment Plans. Some of them are listed below:

1. Use Equities to beat Inflation

Most small investors due to lack of investment knowledge, invest into debt instruments due to the safety and simplicity that they offer. However the returns on these instruments is very low as these are in low risk category of investment options. Equities on the other hand are known to provide high returns although with a higher risk. However studies have shown that equities generally provide an average return of 10-12 percent annually vis-à-vis 5-6 percent offered by debt instruments. Hence when you invest into equities over a longer time, the risk is minimized. Also these returns help you beat the inflation and build wealth over a longer period of time. Debt instrument only eat up your wealth as their returns are below the inflation rates.

2. Use the power of compounding to your benefit

Reinvest in the equity plan
Reinvest in the equity plan
You usually hear of compounding in your credit card interest statements. But using Systematic Investment Plans you can use compounding to your benefit. Since you buy units every month, the fun keeps reinvesting your returns in to the equity plan compounding your returns.

3. Encourage Disciplined Savings

Saving is a good habit. But most of us save what is left after our expenses. With Systematic Investment Plans, you can decide on your date of deduction of amount. You can set it immediately after your salary credit. Hence it becomes a forced disciplined saving. The minimum amount that you can invest in the Systematic Investment Plans is very low. Hence, it is a great option for small investors as well.

4. Beat market swings

Use SIP to your advantage
Use SIP to your advantage
Instead of investing all your savings at once, Systematic Investment Plans breaks your entry points at various market levels. Hence, you do not need to time the market before making your investment. Whether the market goes up or down, your cost of purchase is averaged out over a long-term period and you are likely to enjoy a good return over and above the inflation rate.

Using the Systematic Investment Plans you are likely to earn more during a market fall. How is that possible? When the market faces a fall, the average price of your units go down, bringing down your average purchase cost. So these plans are a great option for monthly saving!

The Best Qualities Of An Entrepreneur

Become a successful entrepreneur
Become a successful entrepreneur
To become a successful entrepreneur, you must possess the qualities needed for the job. It is important for aspiring entrepreneurs to bear in mind that although everyone can become one, only some succeed in life. The difference between these entrepreneurs and normal people is that the former have the attitude and qualities needed for them to become successful with that they do. And these qualities are sought after by people who are willing to engage in entrepreneurship. Here are the best qualities of an entrepreneur:

Keen understanding of what they need

Successful entrepreneurs are good at knowing what they lack in; they are fully aware of their strengths and weaknesses. Once they have understood what skills and knowledge they need, they go out and get them. If you want to become a successful entrepreneur, you have to have the desire to improve the self. You have to be aware of what you have without bias and prejudice, as entrepreneurs are adept at eliminating these hindrances to the self.

Have strong will and determination

A strong will and determination will go far in business
A strong will and determination will get you far in business
Like marathon runners and athletes, successful entrepreneurs too have strong will and determination. Entrepreneurs also face physical setbacks aside from the usual financial and emotional problems brought about by a failing business. Aside from that, successful entrepreneurs have a strong will to continue whatever it is that they’re doing, and they have the determination to reach their goals no matter what problem or dilemma they face.

Being open-minded about opportunities

Most successful entrepreneurs have the quality of being open-minded. It is this quality that has made most entrepreneurs successful. Although it is a no-brainer that every entrepreneur should be open-minded, it is a very hard trait to master at first. Since most beginning entrepreneurs want to have results right away, they are often blinded by the opportunities that are given to them, fearing failure by believing that they have made the right choice. It is important to take note that being open-minded does not necessarily mean accepting every opportunity being presented to you, but rather having a second or even a third look at the option or idea being given without prejudice and preconceptions.

The desire to be creative

A lot of people make the mistake of believing that creativity is dependent on one’s genes and can’t be practiced or taught. Successful entrepreneurs however have realized that like any other skill, creativity can be practiced and can be improved upon. Creativity is very important in business, and the industry is built upon the most creative ideas and things brought out in the open. Successful entrepreneurs are creative not because it is inherent to them but they have practiced the skill to call upon their creative mind when it is needed.

The key to a successful entrepreneurship
The key to successful entrepreneurship
Being a successful entrepreneur means having the right qualities and attitudes in becoming one. Although there are a lot of qualities that should be mentioned, it is important to realize that successful entrepreneurs must have the will power and determination in what they do. They must also have the strong desire to improve the self every day, and not to mention practicing creativity and being open-minded about opportunities.